VIDEO: Introducing Curl E. Q&A

Hello, friends!  I'm really excited to be introducing a new video series that I will have on my YouTube channel called Curl E. Q&A.  Hubby came up with that name, isn't it just too cute??

The purpose of this series, in a nutshell, is to be able to give you all a quick overview of what is coming up the next month and then spend the majority of the time answering questions that you have about crafting, crafty supplies, me, my process, the weather, socks - just whatever we want to chat about! 

My plan is to have a Curl E. Q&A video up the first weekend of every month and then do more if we think we need more!  I hope you all like this idea and I welcome any feedback you may have!  I will warn you, this particular video is like MEGA LONG since I explain what the video series is!!!  They will not always be that long (or at least I hope they won't . . . who knows, I'm pretty long winded!) so if you're not into super long videos of random people talking at you then this might not be your favorite series.  But that having been said, my goal is to make these fun and helpful so hopefully you think they are at least one of those!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you all again soon!  Bye!


  1. Hi is there a way to post a comment on your YouTube? Also for a novice just starting what tripod should I use for recording with my iPhone 6 Plus? Thanks

    1. Hey Belinda, I can't answer the second question but if you watch a YouTube video, click the thumbs up and then scroll down slightly and the comment section will open up.

  2. This is great Tara, love the Q&A idea. Sounds like fun. Now I am off to make a card for my son, today is his birthday. Nothing like being last minute. LOL