VIDEO: Adding Color to Your Glitter Paste + Two Cards

Good evening, all!  Tonight I want to share a couple of cards that I actually made awhile ago and am just now getting around to editing and posting the video!  I had a random whim one day at work (naturally, when I'm not able to do anything about it!) and thought it might be interesting to add some color to my Bo Bunny Sugar Glitter Paste.  I've seen lots of folks add color to white embossing paste and didn't see why this same concept couldn't apply to the glitter paste.

Now, normally, this glitter paste dies clear and all you see is a massive amount of iridescent sparkle so I wasn't really sure what would happen when I added color.  Would it be see through?  Would it just not really take color at all?  NO!!  It becomes a super gorgeous, vibrant, opaque sparkly explosion!  I created all the colors of the rainbow because I just couldn't stop mixing it!

Once I had all that gorgeous glitter past I had to use some Simon Says Stamp stencils to display it and of course, I couldn't just let those pretty pieces go to waste so I created a couple of really simple cards.  The glitter paste is really the star of the show here!  

I hope you enjoyed this idea and you'll go invest in some Bo Bunny Sugar Glitter Paste to play with!  How great to not have to buy a bunch of colors??  You can create backgrounds to perfectly match your projects by using the same ink colors to blend in.  I really want to try this with some black ink.  I think that would be really pretty!  Thanks so much for joining me and I'll catch you next time!

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  1. OMG Tara!!! What a fantastic idea to mix the ink pad with the paste. I love this idea and love the cards!!!!

  2. SO PRETTY! Love that sugared glitter! A great job Tara!