VIDEO MFT Sketch Challenge #300: Off-the-Edge Shaker Window featuring Magical Dragons

Hello, friends!  Look at me, posting two days in a row!  Woo hoo!  I'm hoping this is an indication of me finally getting a handle on my new schedule so that I have time to workout, make cards and still like, you know, sleep!  But in all honesty, it feels so good to be back to a more consistent posting schedule and to really have time to get creative! 
Today I am squeaking in just under the deadline for the MFT Sketch Challenge #300!  I am creating a couple of cards for a friend's kiddos and her little boy is a fan of dragons so I thought that the Magical Dragons set was the obvious choice for this one!  And since that is an MFT set, why  not play along with a challenge while I'm at it??  

As soon as I saw this sketch I knew I wanted to try and make a shaker window that was "off the edge" of the card.  This was one of those projects that made perfect sense in my head but posed a bit of a challenge in the execution.  You can see me bumbling about a bit in the video as I work through the logistics of how to put this puppy together!  But once it was done, I think I could repeat it a lot faster now that I have the basic idea down. The trick is that you need a frame so that the open side of your shaker window can be blocked.

For me, the highlight of this shaker card are the AMAZING sequins that I used to fill the shaker window!  These are from Kat Scrappiness and she was generous enough to send me a few sample packages to use on my cards and let me tell ya - if you like making shaker cards (or you just love amazing adorable sparkly sequin mixes) then this is the place for you!  So many fun mixes to choose from AND she's got dies, stamps and more in her shop!  Thank you so much, Kathleen!

I hope you enjoyed today's project!  Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll catch you again next time!  Bye!

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  1. Oh-MY- GOODNESS Tara, this is SWEET! I absolutely love it! A great job!