VIDEO Curl E. Q&A: October 2016 ~ Biggest Loser, Destash Feedback and My Advice to Copic Newbies

Hi all!  Here we are again, Curl E. Q&A time!  Well, actually it's quite a bit past Curl E. Q&A time but I'm hoping you'll all forgive me!  I recently started a fitness challenge (you can hear all about it in the video) and I feel like trying to balance gym time and craft room time and work time and family time and on and on is way outside of my balancing expertise!  BUT I managed to wake up early yesterday and get this bad boy filmed so that we don't miss a month!

You guys had some really amazing questions in September and it was a ton of fun to chat about them!  I'm also hoping you'll all chime in with your opinions on what you prefer for destashes in the future.

I can't wait to see what questions you will have for me next month! I'm so excited to share holiday stories as we move through my favorite time of year!  I finally got some fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works and my house smells of pumpkin spiced heaven!  Just thought I'd share!!  Thank you all so very much for all of your continued support and friendship!  


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  1. Hmmm, your sister is coming to Portland and so is Maroon 5. Could you be from Oregon?