VIDEO: TupeloDesignsLLC: Mixed Media Adventure

Good morning and welcome to 2016!  To kick off a fresh new year I have a fresh new project for you.  I am embracing the idea that anything is possible in 2016 and so for my first TupeloDesignsLLC design team project of the year, dove headfirst into my very first mixed media project last night and let me tell ya, it got very messy and super fun!!  I've been wanting to try this for awhile but could not wrap my head around all of the layers and colors and amazingness that is happening in mixed media.  Then I discovered Vicky Papaioannou and a whole world of possibilities opened up.  I watched every single video on Vicky's YouTube channel and she just made it seem so much less intimidating.  She explains the processes and supplies in a way that made sense to me and uses techniques that are simple but stunning.  I LOVE her work and everything I did on this project is 100% inspired by her.

 I started with a wooden tag from my local craft store and the idea that I wanted to create something black, white, and pink to hang in my new craft room.  That was about it.  I wanted to use an owl since I love them and that led me to one of my favorite movies of all time, Labyrinth.  So with an inspiration in mind I just dove right in!  

If you'd like to see all the messy details, check out the video cuz there are way too many layers for me to describe right now!  I love the Tim Holtz tissue paper for taking away the scary blank canvas and providing texture to the background.  I discovered that Distress Paints are pretty much the bomb.  I learned that I have the ability to loosely mimic a sketched drawing (super scary for me, I do not draw.  Like at all.) and I developed a love of Faber-Castell Big Brush pens.  Lots of Multi Medium Matte was used.  And Gesso is a girl's best friend!

I am extremely pleased with how this turned out!  This is the kind of project for me that I truly cannot believe I created.  This looks like art to me and I have never considered myself an artist.  A crafter, a cardmaker, a colorist, but this is a whole new realm of creating and I cannot wait to continue to explore it further!

Thanks so much for spending some time with me on New Year's Day!  Be sure to check out TupeloDesignsLLC this month for some fabulous giveaways and freebies. Stay tuned for more info on all that is happening at the shop this month!  I'll be posting a short video and blog post with all the details this weekend.  Enjoy this first day of the new year and I will see you all again soon! Bye!

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