VIDEO: MFT Color Challenge #45: Ink Blending with Stencils

Hey all!  Tonight I have a project for the MFT Color Challenge #45. This challenge has fun, bright, summery colors and I was super excited to play with them!  I decided to try my hand at some ink blending and I gotta say, the finished product turned out WAY different than I envisioned in my head.  So much so that I almost just said the heck with it!  BUT I pushed through and ended up really liking the results, and learning a lesson in the process!

I chose to create a set of six cards at once - something I'm hoping to do more often in order to make the best use of the crafty time I have available and to build my card stash back up.  After making the first one I just wasn't so sure!  But I came home from work the next day - after getting a lot of encouragement from my fellow crafter pals on Instagram and Facebook - and finished up the card set.

In the end, I really love the bright and simple design.  These colors are pretty fabulous!  So I guess like many things in this life, my cards aren't always going to look exactly how I had envisioned them in my head but that does't mean they are wrong or any less awesome!  It's a good lesson to apply to a lot of things! 

Anyway, since I just went off on that tangent I guess I'll reel myself back in here!  If you'd like to join in with the the MFT Color Challenge #45 then head on over and submit your amazing project!  Thanks so much for all the support you all give me each and every day and for helping me to learn valuable life lessons through crafting!  What could be better than that??  Thanks guys!  Bye!

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  1. Cool cards! I would like to follow you on Instagram...but I find you?

  2. Beautiful cards Tara! I agree, I like to make more than one card at the same time as well. I just finished making a ton of cards for my mom and MIL for Mother's Day. Now to make time for my own stash!