VIDEO: Star Wars Chewbacca Action Wobble

Hi there!  I am super excited about tonight's card!  This was a special custom made card for my hubby's birthday.  Now, Hubs is a HUGE Star Wars fan and he's been so excited since they have started making new installments and I wanted to make his birthday card something he could really get jazzed about so I just had to go with a Star Wars theme.

Awhile ago I saw another designer use the yeti from Lawn Fawn's Yeti Set Go stamp set to create a Chewbacca and I'm bummed because I cannot remember who it was so if you know, let me know because I'd love to say thank you for the fabulous inspiration! This was surprisingly easy to do, even for a non-drawer like myself!  After inking up the image I wiped off the line that is supposed to create the yeti's belly and stamped the image.  I then used a Copic 0.3 Multiliner to draw in Chewbacca's little sash (I have no idea what that thing is called, oops!).  

I used Copics to color him in, being sure to add lots of fur texture with quick little flicks, and then fussy cut my freshly created Chewie out.  My fave part of using this image is that it looks like he is yelling the "AAUUGHGHRRHGH!!!" that is Wookie for "Happy Birthday!".  So I used the Lawn Fawn Milo's ABCs stamp set to heat emboss the Wookie version on the front of a black card base and then heat embossed the "translation" sentiment from the Chirpy-Chirp-Chirp stamp set on the inside with a custom Happy Birthday made of Milo's ABCs.  A few white gesso splatters to create a galaxy far, far away background and this card was just about done!  

But the finishing touch was popping Mr. Chewbacca (also our pug's name, by the way) off the front of the card using and Action Wobbler!  This was my first time using one and I think I'm probably addicted now.  It is just too much fun to watch Chewie dance around!  

Hubby loved the card and every now and again I catch him giving Chewbacca a little flick and smiling at the wobble.  Thanks so much for joining me for this fun card!  See you soon!  Bye!

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  1. This is such a great card! Love the wobbler and the added in bandolier (did hub correct 'sash'?) :)

  2. I love this card so much, Tara! My hubby saw your card in our YouTube feed and thought it was very cool! 👍🏻😄

  3. This is AWESOME! I LOVE the use of the Yeti as a Chewbacca, and will definitely be borrowing this idea for future cards for my nephews and nieces who all LOVE Star Wars, too! Thank you for sharing!